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Environmental Protection

Fasto is committed to building an enterprise, which are beneficial to the human and the earth's environment. We consider the implications of these activities for the environment, and emphasize the importance of reducing their impact in terms of prevention of global warming, cyclical use of resources and prevention of  contaminating the environment ,do our best to reduce the environment load.
When We are engaged in production activities,We try to follow the activities as below  to minimize the impact on the environment.

1.We properly realize that our produce activities will impact on the environment, and try to reduce environmental load .  And in strict accordance with ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 system requirements to establish a perfect quality assurance and environment protect system
2.We contribute to environmental conservation by making efforts to conserve resources and energy, reduce waste, and encourage recycling.
3.We will properly manage chemical substances in products so that the product will  not contain harmful chemicals.
4.We will properly manage chemical substances in the production process to limit their usage and reduce their environmental impact.
5.We will properly manage chemical substances contained in our products and make sure our products do not contain toxic chemical substances.
6.We observe all laws, regulations and other requirements concerning the environment.
7.We are documenting this environmental policy and distributing it to all our employees,and make all of them to Protect the environmental together


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